Where Have We Been?!?

Here’s a little clip from an impromptu rehearsal we had last night. I wanted to share this very special moment with those of you who so graciously continue to support us, even during our recent silence. You see a few months ago, shortly after joining the team, our brother Mason had an incident which left him hospitalized with a broken neck. We weren’t sure what was going to happen but he got very lucky. Someone was definitely looking out for Mason and though it could’ve been much, much more serious, he escaped with a couple of fused vertabrae and as you can see from this video, he is well on his way to what I can only call an amazing and miraculous recovery. Being back together and being able to rock out a longer set for the first time since the incident felt so amazing, and Mason is right back on track almost as if nothing happened. We are so grateful that he is healing so quickly, and so very grateful to have our brother back with us on the stage.

So what this means is that we will soon be back to work getting our live show up to speed. We’ve also continued to keep our creative juices flowing throughout the ordeal so you can expect to hear us trying out new tunes from time to time at the future shows. I can’t say for sure exactly when it will be before we’re back on the road, but I can say that it’s what we’re working toward and we are back on track, so we’ll be back out there as soon as we can. Thank you again for your continued support, and for reading through this rather long post. We love and miss you all, and can’t wait to see you again soon! Keep rockin friends!

Have Drummer, Will Rock!!

WE FINALLY DID IT!!! Worked out the sordid details and locked in with a new drummer. We are pleased to introduce the latest addition to Nice Apathy – MASON WENDL!!!

It took almost a year, but honestly, finding the right combination of mad skills, grit, gravitas, and someone who will put up with Kevin’s shit is not easy.Thanks to all the drummers who came out and jammed with us or expressed interest along the way. We met some groovy folks and learned a lot about ourselves and what Nice Apathy is about in the process. Thank you one and all!

After working with Mason for the last few months we’re more fired up than ever and will be announcing show dates soon. Rock on brothers and sisters!!!


2016 Missing Post

It would appear that at some point we lost a couple of posts from the last couple years. With no good way to recover those, I will instead repost the posts, separated by year.

This is the missing 2016 post… Rock on!

– Feb 10, 2016

Greetings Programs

So whats been happening? We’ve had a couple of great shows over the cold months. We trekked to Hamtramck to play the legendary Paychecks and had a great time there. We also recently had an amazing off the hook show at the Roadhouse in Jackson, where we got to share the stage with some great bands including Perfectly Damaged, and once again with our friends in the always awesome Darling Down. We’ve met some really cool people at the recent shows, and we’ve had a great time in the process!

In the middle of the shows dates, we also took our usual few weeks break from the gigs for the holidays to spend time with our families, and recharge our creative juices, and were ready for the coming year! I’m happy to report that if you come out and see us at our shows, you’ll likely hear some new music from us sprinkled in from time to time as we flesh them out.

Nice Apathy with Sponge and Bombdogs at Underground - March 2015And speaking of shows, holy moly have you heard about this show yet?!? I have such a huge amount of respect for Sponge, so I consider it a great honor to be given the opportunity to support their show. I’ve seen these guys live and I was blown away with their talent and their energy, and now I get to share a stage with them. How crazy and totally cool is that? Tickets are available from any of the Nice Apathy crew, and online, so come on out and see us with Sponge on March 12th. Its a rare intimate setting for a band of their caliber and the tickets may very well sell out, so get them early if you can.

Finally, well be kicking up the booking machine again so you should see more shows popping up in the near future. If you like what were doing and like what you hear, the best way to help us out is to sign up for our newsletter, and spread the word. Please share us with your friends and we promise well keep working hard to make good music for your mind and your body, and good times for your soul and your spirit. Were looking forward to seeing your faces out there in what is sure to be another fun year, so well see you on the road!

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2015 Missing Post

It would appear that at some point we lost a couple of posts from the last couple years. With no good way to recover those, I will instead repost the posts, separated by year.

This is the missing 2015 post… Rock on!

– Oct 3, 2015

Video for More and More Released!

Were happy to announce the release of the first music video from our debut album for the song More and More.  Check it out and please pass it around and share with your friends.  We had a great time filming this with Brad and the whole crew from TLS Productions.  We got quite a bit of footage that weekend, so youll hopefully be seeing more like this in the months to come.  So kick back, crank it up, and have a rockin day, and well see you on the road!!

Nice Apathy More and More

If youd like to support the band, the best way to do that is to share us with your friends, and pick up the album at any of these fine stores and more:

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Nice Apathy @ Jersey’s


We had a great time at the show last night, thanks to Jersey’s Tavern for having us out. Thanks to the bands that came out and jammed with us: H.R. Rustica, The Complication, and Darling Down. All of the bands put on a great show and everyone had a fun night for sure.

Special thanks to Ryan and Darling Down for putting the show together and inviting us, and thanks to all of the our friends that came out to support us, and the new friends we made. If you haven’t already, it would be awesome if you could check out the new album, and we look forward to seeing you on the road again soon. We hope you had as much fun as we did Cheers!

EDIT:   As a quick follow up to this one, big thanks also to Erich Morse for coming to the show a couple weeks ago, snapping some photos and posting them in the National Rock Review, and unexpectedly providing some stage lighting support.

It’s Done !!

225x225-albumcoverThe self-titled debut Nice Apathy album is now available at iTunes, and most of the other usual digital sources. If you like what you hear and you’d like to support the band, the best way is to nab a copy, leave a review, and spread the word. We also have physical CDs that will be available at our shows or directly from us.

Very special thanks goes out to Andy Patalan for his amazing work engineering and producing this album, and lending us his talents on a few tracks. What an outstanding guy he is, with so much talent and an amazing ear for music! And thanks to all of the others that held us up, supported us, fed us, jammed with us, and otherwise encouraged us to get this album done and out to the public.

Now that ‘the work’ is done on that, we should be able to refocus on getting out there to see you all more often.  If you’d like to keep up on all things Nice Apathy, please like us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter for the inside scoop.  Thank you so much for listening, and we’ll see you on the road!!

Nice Apathy Summer Update

Phlio Kev Andy Summer 2014

Hello to all of our friends old and new! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here but I hope the news I have to give you now was worth the wait.

So if you’ve been following us on Facebook (no?!? go go go!), then you know we’ve been spending a bit of time with our producer extraordinaire and good friend Andy over at the Loft.  That is starting to pay off and I am happy to announce that we have released a couple of songs from our album coming out this winter. The two songs here hopefully give you an idea of the wide spectrum of things we’ll have for you on the full album. We’re having a great time with it and I sincerely hope that comes out in the music and that it is able to find it’s way onto your playlists when the album is released.

So what’s ahead for the Apathy crew? Well in addition to finishing the album, we’re going to try to throw in a couple gigs to help us stay in touch with all of you while we’re working in the studio. Once the album is done, the plan is to start adding more shows to get out there and spend even more time with you!!

So sign up for our mailing list, and keep an eye on our website and Facebook for more news and events from us because based on our plans, things will start to get more fun moving forward! Now without further ado, enjoy the music!

Nice Apathy Out West

camperWe’ve been a little quiet while we work on lining some things up for this year, so we owe you at least something for still sticking with us I’d say! We record just about every jam we do so I wonder if you’d be interested in hearing some of the ‘less prepared’ things that come about on a jam night. This is what happens when Nice Apathy goofs off and ad libs a little. It should be good for a chuckle at least so I hope you get a kick out of it.

If you like this kind of thing and want to hear more, let us know. Perhaps we could make it a monthly or every other month kind of thing. If you don’t like it and think we shouldn’t release unrefined silliness, well let us know that too!

Language warning, not for the easily offended. We are a rock band after all 😉

I give you ‘Out West’, enjoy!

Nice Apathy Winter Update

WinterHeader2Hello everyone and welcome to the turn of the new year! It’s a bit late but I still wanted to get a winter update out as promised.

2013 was a good year for Nice Apathy. After quite a bit of time and effort put in to prep, we felt it was time to step out, and step out we did with a few web releases and some gigs the last half of the year. We got to see a lot of our friends out there and got to spend some time and share some music. The shows at Small’s were great, Pinestock was a blast, the St John’s Auto celebration was a long night of crazy musical goodness, just to name a few highlights but really, all of the gigs this year were fantastic! The shows went great, we got to meet a lot of new people, everyone had a good time and I really feel like we’re on the right track.

We have some lofty goals for 2014, and while I’m not ready to spill any beans just yet, I would just ask that you all continue to stick with us because we do have a lot of good things on the list for the coming year. I can at least say with certainty that there will be more music for you to hear, more good times, and well… more Nice Apathy! We love what we’re doing and we have no plans of slowing down.

So for the coming year I say that if you keep finding good in the music, we’ll keep making it for you. That’s how we roll! I hope your holiday season was nothing short of awesome, and I look forward to seeing you all in 2014!